GUI applicationsΒΆ

This is a list of helper applications/scripts that can be used to create or analyze study carrels:

  1. Text editors - Both BBedit and Notepad are full-featured text editors; both of these applications provide all the functionality one needs to work with plain text files

  2. AntConc - A robust, GUI, cross-platform concordance application; very useful!

  3. OpenRefine - A wonderful, GUI, cross-platform tool for reading, normalizing, and analyzing tabular data; takes practice but pays off in the end

  4. Wordle - No, not the popular word game but instead a GUI application for generating word clouds; found in the Internet Archives Wayback Machine

  5. Topic Modeling Tool - A graphical user interface version to the venerable MALLET application; given a set of plain text files and an integer, this tool will subdivided the texts into sets of latent themes

  6. Gephi - while this application will win any awards for usability, it has won many awards for functionality; given a number of different inputs, Gephi provides the means to not only analyze network graphs but visualize them as well