The Reader Toolbox is a suite of Python scripts integrated into a single command-line interface. It ought to run on any computer with Python 3 or above installed. From the command line, installation is as simple as:

pip install reader-toolbox

You can also install the development version of the Toolbox with the following commands:

git clone
cd reader-toolbox
pip install -e .

Once you get this far, you ought to be able to run the Toolbox command – rdr – which is short for “reader”:


The result ought to be listing of all the rdr subcommands and looking something like this:

Usage: rdr [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

      --help  Show this message and exit.

      adr          Filter email addresses from <carrel>.
      bib          Output rudimentary bibliographics from <carrel>.
      browse       Peruse <carrel> as a file system.
      catalog      List study carrels.
      cluster      Apply dimension reduction to <carrel> and visualize the...
      concordance  A poor mans search engine.
      download     Cache <carrel> from the public library of study carrels.
      edit         Modify the stop word list of <carrel>.
      ent          Filter out named entities and types of entities found in...
      get          Echo the values denoted by the set subcommand.
      grammars     Extract sentence fragments from <carrel> where fragments are...
      info         Output metadata describing <carrel>.
      ngrams       Output and list words or phrases found in <carrel>.
      play         Play the word game called hangman.
      pos          Filter out parts-of-speech, words, and lemmas found in...
      read         Open <carrel> in your Web browser.
      search       Perform a full text query against <carrel>.
      semantics    Apply semantic indexing against <carrel>.
      set          Configure the location of study carrels and a subsystem...
      sql          Use SQL queries against the database of <carrel>.
      tm           Apply topic modeling against <carrel>.
      url          Filter URLs and domains from <carrel>.
      wrd          Filter statistically computed keywords from <carrel>.

From here you can issue a subcommand like the following to display a human-readable catalog of all the Distant Reader study carrels remotely available in the Reader’s public library:

rdr catalog -h -l remote

See Quick start to learn more about the subcommands.